Anemone americana


Common Names
hepatica, round-lobed hepatica, liverleaf


rich woodlands

Observed Blooming
early March to early April, 2017
late March, 2016
early to mid April, 2015
early to mid April, 2014

endangered in Florida


5 thoughts on “Anemone americana

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  3. Two years ago, you told me about a patch of hepatica around a tree right next to the towpath upstream from Carderock. When I found it, there were four plants there. Ever since, I’ve only been able to find one. Am I just blind, or are the others gone? Also, your photo gives me a goal: find the blue hepatica! I’ve only found white so far.

  4. Assuming we’re talking about the same place and I haven’t forgotten something, I saw four plants there last week. They are difficult to spot, though. And all were flowering blue, which makes me wonder if we *are* thinking of the same spot.

  5. Hmm. There was definitely nothing blooming at the tree I looked at on Monday, and I only saw one plant despite circling it like a crazy person for awhile. Maybe I’m visiting the wrong tree! Will look at other trees nearby, but blooming might be over by now. Maybe next year!

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