Anemone americana


formerly Hepatica nobilis var. obtusa

Common Names
hepatica, round-lobed hepatica, liverleaf


rich woodlands

Observed Blooming
late March to early April, 2020
late April, 2019
early March to late April, 2018
early March to early April, 2017
late March, 2016
early to mid April, 2015
early to mid April, 2014

endangered in Florida


5 thoughts on “Anemone americana

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  3. Two years ago, you told me about a patch of hepatica around a tree right next to the towpath upstream from Carderock. When I found it, there were four plants there. Ever since, I’ve only been able to find one. Am I just blind, or are the others gone? Also, your photo gives me a goal: find the blue hepatica! I’ve only found white so far.

  4. Assuming we’re talking about the same place and I haven’t forgotten something, I saw four plants there last week. They are difficult to spot, though. And all were flowering blue, which makes me wonder if we *are* thinking of the same spot.

  5. Hmm. There was definitely nothing blooming at the tree I looked at on Monday, and I only saw one plant despite circling it like a crazy person for awhile. Maybe I’m visiting the wrong tree! Will look at other trees nearby, but blooming might be over by now. Maybe next year!

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