Osmorhiza longistylis


Common Names
aniseroot, long-style sweetroot


deep shade in rich woods

Observed Blooming
early May, 2019
early to late April, 2017
early April to early May, 2016
late April to mid May, 2015
late April to mid May, 2014
late April to mid May, 2013
early April, 2012

no issues

O. claytonii is easily confused with O. longistylis. The easiest way to tell them apart is to count the number of individual flowers in each umbellet; the former usually has 8 or fewer flowers, while the latter has at least 8 and up to 18. Also, as the specific epithet suggests, the styles of the latter are much longer (around 4mm) than the styles of the former (less than 2mm).

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