Flower of the Day: Early Saxifrage (an LWF)

Saxifraga virginiensis; Saxifragaceae (saxifrage family)

early saxifrage

Birders have a phrase they use to summarize small, hard-to-identify birds: Little Brown Jobs.  Sometimes it’s used dismissively: “Did you see anything interesting?”  “Nah, just a bunch of LBJs”.

Likewise I have a tendency to overlook Little White Flowers.  I’m not really being dismissive – I just see them from 5 feet off the ground while hiking and think “yay, another cress or chickweed, big deal”.  I learned my lesson with harbinger-of-spring; now I hike more slowly and pause often to bend down and have a look.

The picture illustrates why I really need a macro lens to continue this hobby.  It’s not very good, but it’s the cleanest shot I could get of this little plant.

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