Flower of the Day: Short-Spurred Corydalis

Corydalis flavula; Papaveraceae (poppy family)

This itty-bitty thing is responsible for getting me into photography, and macro-photography in particular.  Last year, try as I might, I could not get a good clean picture of the flower with the iphone camera.  I started carrying a 10x hand lens because of this plant.  I went slightly nuts trying to confirm that it was C. flavula and not one of the other similar species.

Now I have a real camera, an awesome macro lens, a vague idea how to use them, and another two to three weeks to get better pictures.

This shot was taken with the stock Nikon D3200 lens:

short-spurred corydalis

The rest were taken with the Sigma 105mm lens.  The next picture shows the short spur (to the left of where the flower attaches to the stem) and crest that are characteristic of this species.

short-spurred corydalis 3  (f/29; 1/160s; ISO 1600)

And here are a few more pictures just because I love this plant.

20140414-DSC_0201 (f/29; 1/200s; ISO 1600)

20140414-DSC_0208 (f/29; 1/160s; ISO 1600)

20140414-DSC_0215 (f/16; 1/200s; ISO 1600)


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