A Truly Stunning Tree

fringe tree   Chionanthus virginicus   Oleaceae (olive family)

I keep wondering why people don’t garden with natives more often.  I had a fringe tree at my previous house; it was one of a dozen or so landscape plants that I regret leaving behind.  I discovered a fringe tree near Carderock last spring by literally walking into a low hanging branch.  This year, I was told “it’s all over the place”.  But when it isn’t flowering, it looks like, well, just another tree.  A highly fragrant tree, though, so you can find it by following your nose when it is in flower.

It was difficult to get even a half-decent picture of an entire tree.  There just isn’t enough contrast for the flowers to show.  But here’s a look at a small branch: fringetree

Isn’t that just nifty?


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