No Flowers Today: Ferns and Mosses

We now take a break from wildflowers to look at some neat plants.  Apologies, but I cannot tell you which species these are.  I just think they’re nifty.

Underside of a fern, showing sporangia:


A clump of moss, showing sporangia:


And a clubmoss commonly called “ground pine”; I believe the genus is Lycopodium; the species might be Lycopodium dendroideum:

20140605-DSC_0034-2Not a moss like in the previous picture, but an entirely different kind of plant.  For one thing, clubmosses are vascular, and mosses are non-vascular.  But this is a wildflower blog not a botany primer, so I’m not going any further with that.  I’m just starting to delve into this area…


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