The List for September


wake up, sleepy bee!







Plants first seen blooming during the month of September:

  • aster, bushy
  • aster, calico
  • aster, Lowrie’s
  • aster, Schreber’s (maybe)
  • aster, Short’s
  • aster, small white
  • aster, smooth
  • beech drops
  • bur-marigold, nodding
  • goldenrod, bluestem
  • goldenrod, racemose
  • silver-rod
  • several other yet-to-be id’d goldenrods
  • goldenrod, zigzag
  • lobelia, great blue
  • one-seeded bur cucumber
  • lesser snakeroot
  • tickseed-sunflower

and the aliens:

  • perilla

bringing the yearly totals to

  • 271 native species in 77 families
  • 74 alien species in 30 families

For a grand total of

  • 345 species in 81 families


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