A New Year, Another Project

Here are three photos from the Potomac Gorge.  For the next year, on or about the first of each month I’m going to re-visit these sites, stand in the same positions, and photograph the same views, in order to see the progression of the seasons.

December 31, 2014
38 degrees F, mostly clear


2:42 pm EST  18mm  f/5.6  1/200sec  ISO 200

The photo above was taken from the Billy Goat B trail, at the eastern end where the trail abruptly changes direction away from the river to head back toward the canal.  We’re looking southeast across a narrow channel toward Vaso Island.



2:57pm EST  18mm  f/10  1/125 sec  ISO 100

This one was taken from the western end of the area I call the Rock Garden, the large rocky bluff that’s not quite at the mid-point of Billy Goat B. Here I’m looking upstream, more or less northwest, with Hermit Island on the left.



3:36pm EST  18mm  f/5.0  1/250 sec  ISO 100

And this one was taken from the boat launch ramp near Old Angers Inn, looking downstream and more or less south.

By December 2015 I should be able to make an interesting slide show with all these.

Coming soon, “What’s Blooming Now?”

Happy new year, everyone!

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