The Three Views Project

Please have a look at the Three Views page to see these photos next to last month’s photos.  And check back in a month for the next in the series.  There isn’t much difference now, except for the ice in the river and traces of snow on the ground.  I expect that the April and May pictures will show quite a change!

January 31, 2015 
29 degrees F, clear


1:24 pm EST  18mm  f/9.0  1/200sec  ISO 200

Billy Goat B trail, east end, looking southeast across a narrow channel toward Vaso Island


1:54pm EST  28mm  f/9.0  1/400 sec  ISO 200

Billy Goat B, mid-way between trailheads, looking upstream (more or less northwest) with Hermit Island on the left.


2:25pm EST  18mm  f/8.0  1/200 sec  ISO 100

boat launch ramp near Old Angers Inn, looking downstream and more or less south

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