Belmont and Patapsco Valley

domestic apple (Malus sylvestris), – an alien, but not invasive




I’m conducting a survey of wildflowers at Belmont Manor and Historic Park and nearby parts of Patapsco Valley State Park for my Maryland Master Naturalist certification.  For the first few weeks, it was a little disappointing.  I’d found plenty of invasives, but the trails are heavily used, and the woods seem impoverished.

Nonetheless I went out there again last Friday and realized things were not so bleak. For one thing, that area is about one week behind the Potomac Gorge (it’s about 30 miles northeast).  For another thing, I didn’t have to go far at all before finding some really lovely plants.  And, I’m pleased that I recognized so many plants when they’re still weeks away from flowering.

The (natives) list so far:

avens, white
bellwort, perfoliate
bellwort, sessile
buttercup, kidney-leaved
cherry, unknown species, could be alien
chickweed, star
cranefly orchid
dogwood, flowering
hepatica, round-lobed

20150424-20150424-_DSC0013 jack-in-the-pulpit

miterwort, twoleaf
mountain laurel







skunk cabbage
Solomon’s seal, false
Solomon’s seal, smooth
spring beauty
toothwort, cut-leaved
toothwort, slender
trout lily
violet, common blue
violet, smooth yellow
waterleaf, Virginia


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