First Signs of Spring

A week ago, word was that spring beauties were up, but I haven’t seen them yet. I’ve been watching for skunk cabbage – usually the first wildflower around here to bloom – but haven’t found it yet, either.

So on Sunday afternoon, before departing for the West for a few days, I took a quick walk on the Cabin John, hoping but not expecting to find something blooming. I did see spotted wintergreen plants,


and princess pine, as expected.  Then I decided to go up a side trail and see if round-lobed hepatica was still there (the leaves persist through winter).  It was.  I carefully moved a few beech leaves aside to get a clear picture, then I noticed this:


New buds popping up! They should be blooming by now.  The first wildflowers of 2016, at least in this area.

I’m hastily typing this post from a diner in Pahrump, Nevada. Wondering what I’m doing there?  Ever heard the phrase “superbloom”? I have hundreds of photos to go through, and it will take days, but expect a few Death Valley posts over the next month.

Off hunting!

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