End of March Update for the Potomac Gorge



lyre-leaved rock cress, in its favorite place



It’s a strange season. Lots of different plants are blooming, but not in the vast quantities I would expect. Several species are blooming rather early, or very early, like a full two weeks sooner than last year (not unexpected given a very warm autumn and winter).



star chickweed
quiz: how many petals are on this flower? (answer below)



On Monday, March 28, harbinger-of-spring was done. Otherwise, the plants I reported on last week are still going, and nothing has hit its peak yet.  To that list add

…quiz answer: five; each of the petals is deeply divided into two lobes, so that a single petal appears to be two

4 thoughts on “End of March Update for the Potomac Gorge

  1. Agree about “strange season.” Everything seems disorganized, and definitely not as showy as the past two years. And everything is early. So much phlox already, blue and moss! You can add sessile bellwort – the little patch near Carderock began blooming a few days ago. Glad you’re still writing about the gorge. Your blog really helps me know what to look for, and when. Thanks!

    • You’re welcome! The bellwort you saw blooming – where exactly was it? The only patch I know of is in the little basin area (where the river makes a sharp bend) near the stand of leatherwood trees.

      • Probably the same spot, because you and I encountered each other at the patch I know about last year. You know where the trail goes past the low, flat area full of driftwood and a crushed blue barrel? (Sharp bend in river there.) If you follow it uphill just a little, heading away from the canal, and you pass the big, hollow tree on your left, the bellwort is directly adjacent to the trail, on the left. Just before the area with all the mountain laurel. Does that explain it?

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