Where Was I?


One morning after waking with a headache and ennui, I decided to break out of my rut and get to a place I’ve never been to but have been wanting to get to for years.

This location is well-known among native plant enthusiasts but not so much to the general public. Although not far from anywhere, it’s largely surrounded by private property, so even though it’s a public park, access is limited.

Despite a few dozen nymphal lone-star ticks hitching a ride home on me, it was worth the effort, because I saw five new-to-me plants. None of the species are rare, threatened, or endangered, but still, I’m happy.

I’m sitting in an airport now typing this (and trying not to scratch). With any luck over the next few days I’ll have enough down time (and internet access) to research and write about these flowers. Stay tuned.

Not much to look at, is it? Can you guess where it is?

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