Our Next Invasive Alien?

OK, probably not. But still, I wonder. I’m seeing more and more clumps of daffodils in unexpected places. One of those places had some stonework at ground level nearby – an old homestead, perhaps, before the area became parkland? Another place I see them is in parks that back up to private properties; I expect people throw their yard waste to the edge of the parkland, and the bulbs establish themselves there, or get washed downhill and establish a few dozen yards away.

I really don’t think they will ever be dubbed “invasive”. They are clump-forming plants, as you can see in these photos. Old clumps can be very large, but they’re still clumps. It’s not like they form colonies through rhizomes, or spread far by seed.

These clumps were in C&O Canal NHP near the boat launch ramp across from Old Angler’s Inn.

3 thoughts on “Our Next Invasive Alien?

  1. Elizabeth, on the refuge, there are populations in areas where people have not lived in over 100 years. They will spread, but not very fast. In one place they took over a large part of a seepage bog.

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