This Just In – Blue Wild Indigo Still Blooming

Much to my surprise the same stand that was blooming on March 25 is still going strong, though perhaps a bit past peak. There’s another stand that I know of but currently you can’t get to it, unless you want to wade through deep flood waters. The Potomac is still flowing high and fast.

3 thoughts on “This Just In – Blue Wild Indigo Still Blooming

  1. I found a patch yesterday! probably one of yours but not sure from the pics. Does yours have a small, almost dead tree trunk with weird sprouts out of the top of it standing nearby? Still lots of buds on the plants I saw. I was there in mid afternoon in harsh sun, so picture-taking was a challenge. Hope to revisit in more favorable light. Thanks for highlighting this plant!

    • Strangely, I just can’t remember about the tree. The rock outcropping is near the below the easternmost Carderock parking lot (the one with the big picnic grounds). And it is really infested with poison ivy.

      The other location is a very large bedrock terrace further downstream, near the eastern end of Billy Goat C. This one has a large pond in the middle of it. I haven’t been able to get out there yet this year because the river is running so high.

  2. Also, next time you say “watch out for poison ivy,” I hope I pay attention and wear long pants. Yikes, it’s all over those rocks.

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