Another Blue Thing

Forked bluecurls (Trichostema dichotomum) is a small annual forb in the Lamiaceae, easy to miss because the flowers are small, too. It’s worth stopping to take a close look, though, because the color is stunning, and mint family flowers are just nifty.




For detailed information about forked bluecurls, see this post from 2016.Many thanks to my friend B for posting about this find on social media; I hadn’t seen forked bluecurls in years, and dropped everything to go photograph them.

4 thoughts on “Another Blue Thing

  1. These grow in my yard in Georgia. It took a while to identify. They are delightful and I let them have their own way in my garden

      • If it is like the woolly bluecurls of Southern California, it may be difficult to grow in cans. (I suspect that it is more resilient to containment than woolly bluecurls because of the regions in which it is endemic. Wooley bluecurls is endemic to chaparral climates.)

  2. Cool! It is related to woolly bluecurls, Trichostema lanatum, which I thought was a monospecific genus. I can see now that there are several species. I happen to like woolly bluecurls because I met it while in school in San Luis Obispo, where it is native.

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