Flower of the Day: Trumpet Creeper

Campsis radicans; Bignoniaceae (bignonia family)


There are always small, subtle flowers to be found, but now is the time of year for big, showy flowers.  Trumpet creeper practically shouts for you to come have a look.  It grows along the rock walls of the Clara Barton Parkway, and the flowers are so large (2-3 inches long) and bright you can see them as you’re driving by.

It’s a woody vine that grows vigorously to thirty feet long, so think twice before buying one for the garden, unless you have a very large area that you’re trying to naturalize.  It does attract hummingbirds.

By the way, if you are interested in native plant gardening and attracting wildlife, read this very interesting article before buying plants at the nursery. Many native plant cultivars developed for the garden are far enough removed from their native form that animals don’t recognize them.  They’re useless.

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