Flower of the Day: Wild Stonecrop


aka woodland stonecrop
Sedum ternatum




I’ve written about this plant before, but it’s a favorite and blooming now.  Wild stonecrop is native to Eastern US woodlands.  It likes to sprawl across rocks where there is a little bit of soil or leaf mould, and stands no more than eight inches tall.


The inflorescence typically has about a dozen flowers on three branches.

This flower is about 1/4 inch across, and consists of four green sepals, four white petals, eight stamens with purplish anthers, and four pistils.




You can get a sense of scale from this picture (note the fallen leaf at the lower right).




This particular stand is under a tree alongside a very small stream near the base of a large rock formation.  The sun was just starting to peek over the rocks as I was taking these pictures.

I spent an hour there, in that one location.  Felt like 15 minutes.

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