I was quite excited to find this on June 6, 2014:


It was on one of those rock formations that juts into the river. These formations are often covered in poison ivy, but almost always worth the effort. Anyway, these were the only buds in a large stand of the plants.  I made a note to go back a week later and photograph the flowers.

And then, there was a flood.  When I returned, the waters were completely covering the rocks.  A week after that, I went again, and… nothing.  The flood waters were gone, but so were the plants.

I know this plant, because I grew it at my old house.  It’s Baptisia australis (blue false indigo, blue wild indigo), a member of the Fabaceae.  I was excited because it’s threatened in Maryland.

This year, I’ve kept an eye on that rock formation.  Nothing.  Then nothing.  Then nothing… then, on June 10, I decided enough of this game, I’m going out there anyway, poison ivy or no (and boy was there a lot of it).

And I saw this:


Yep.  Seedpods.  No doubt that this is B. australis, but darn it, two years in a row I’ve missed seeing the flowers!

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