Back in the Potomac Gorge


aka pepper-and-salt
Erigenia bulbosa


Yesterday I finally got back out to Carderock after a two-week absence, and was delighted to find that rumors of harbinger-of-spring in bloom were true. And there were spring beauties, of course, though not many yet.  20160316-_DSC0053

dime shot for scale




Other plants seen:

  • a single, precocious star chickweed flower
  • a single, precocious early saxifrage flower
  • spicebush in bloom
  • new growth of Virginia bluebells, one mound with buds just visible
  • two cutleaf toothworts in bud
  • trout lily foliage
  • long-tube valerian foliage
  • early meadow rue foliage
  • Dutchman’s breeches and squirrel corn foliage




Lindera benzoin

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