Back in the Potomac Gorge


aka pepper-and-salt
Erigenia bulbosa


Yesterday I finally got back out to Carderock after a two-week absence, and was delighted to find that rumors of harbinger-of-spring in bloom were true. And there were spring beauties, of course, though not many yet.  20160316-_DSC0053

dime shot for scale




Other plants seen:

  • a single, precocious star chickweed flower
  • a single, precocious early saxifrage flower
  • spicebush in bloom
  • new growth of Virginia bluebells, one mound with buds just visible
  • two cutleaf toothworts in bud
  • trout lily foliage
  • long-tube valerian foliage
  • early meadow rue foliage
  • Dutchman’s breeches and squirrel corn foliage




Lindera benzoin

So Close…

20150324-_DSC0110 Technically, spring is here in the mid-Atlantic piedmont, but it sure doesn’t feel that way.  I went out today in search of something – anything – blooming.  Found two aliens (lesser celandine and one of the speedwells) and two natives (I’ll post the other one tomorrow).  If the skies hadn’t been overcast this spring beauty might have opened up all the way.

Claytonia virginica