Carderock Area, April 25


bastard toadflax
Comandra umbellata


The season is progressing rapidly: many of the ephemerals are gone already. When I visited the greater Carderock area on April 25, a few new species were in flower, all about a week and a half to two weeks earlier than last year.

Still blooming:
azure bluets (full bloom)
field chickweed
star chickweed (starting to wane)
sweet cicely (just starting)
wild ginger
wild blue phlox (waning)
wild pink (a little past full)
plantain-leaved pussytoes (almost done)
golden ragwort (almost done)
lyre-leaved rockcress (almost done)
early saxifrage (almost done)
spring beauty (waning)
toadshade (including yellow form)
common blue violet
creamy violet
smooth yellow violet



wild geranium
Geranium maculatum




Newly blooming:
cinquefoil, dwarf (just starting)
Carolina cranesbill
hooked crowfoot
spring forget-me-not
fringetree (just starting)
wild geranium (just starting)
Coville’s phacelia (looking a little past its peak)
rattlesnake weed
Rubus species
spiderwort (just starting)
wild stonecrop (just starting)
bastard toadflax
long-tube valerian (just starting)
violet wood sorrel

20160425-_DSC0179Oxalis violacea, Oxalidaceae

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