Found in New York

As I wrote a few days ago, Steve and I spent last weekend in New York State, hiking and eating and generally hanging out.  In addition to dozens of pointed-leaf tick trefoil, we saw…


herb-robert (Geranium robertianum; Geraniaceae); endangered in Maryland, threatened in Indiana, of special concern in Rhode Island, and class B noxious weed in Washington, where it is known as Stinky Bob.



orange hawkweed  (Hieracium aurantiacum; Asteraceae), aka devil’s weed, king-devil, devil’s-paintbrush, missionary weed, fox-and-cubs, and a few others; “A” list noxious weed in Colorado, noxious weed in Idaho, Category 2 noxious weed in Montana, “A” designated weed (and Quarantine) in Oregon, and class C noxious weed in Washington.  We only saw one plant.





helleborine (Epipactis helleborine; Orchidaceae); imagine my joy on finding an orchid in the wild, then imagine my dismay when I identified it and learned that it’s an alien invasive.

Next time, some less noxious plants.

photographed at Hi Tor Fish and Wildlife Management Area and Finger Lakes National Forest

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