Abstract Riverscape


 trees reflected in the Potomac river, late afternoon August 25.

For months my focus was on taking accurate, real-life, representational pictures of plants; sometimes I ended up with something a little artistic.   But as I gained confidence I more often aimed for art.  This was one of those times.   I turned up the exposure and highlights a tiny bit in Lightroom; otherwise this photo is untouched.  It was almost exactly what I wanted, blurriness and all.  Maybe I’m starting to get the hang of this…

Returning from Nova Scotia today.  I’m so glad WordPress allows me write posts in advance and schedule them to autopost.  I’m actually writing this on September 9, two days before leaving on the trip.  I hope by the time anyone reads it I’ll have weeks’ worth of northern plants to feature as Flower of the Day.



I wrote a few days ago about becoming fascinated with bees.  Another fascinating subject is spiderwebs.  To get this shot I had to go fully manual (the camera wouldn’t autofocus on a strand of spider silk). That was a first for me. Another first was using the develop function (other than for cropping) in Lightroom.  Here’s the original photo:


I almost stumbled into this spiderweb while photographing basil balm (FotD July 10).