I have a particular interest in spiderwebs despite having a fear of spiders. Spiderwebs are difficult to photograph, and I’ve wasted a lot of time trying to get good shots of them.

Hiking along the C&O Canal near Sharpsburg I thought I saw a giant CD disc hanging in the trees.  Of course it wasn’t a CD; rather, the most perfectly formed spiderweb I’ve ever seen.


Just a few steps later was the largest spiderweb I’ve ever seen.


I was really lucky to have decent light for these shots.



I wrote a few days ago about becoming fascinated with bees.  Another fascinating subject is spiderwebs.  To get this shot I had to go fully manual (the camera wouldn’t autofocus on a strand of spider silk). That was a first for me. Another first was using the develop function (other than for cropping) in Lightroom.  Here’s the original photo:


I almost stumbled into this spiderweb while photographing basil balm (FotD July 10).