Friday afternoon I met two entomologists on the trail. “Everything’s all stacked up,” they said, meaning the bugs are all coming out at the same time. It’s pretty much what I’d been thinking about the wildflowers, because they’re doing the same thing: opening all at once, rushing into spring as soon as Persephone flings open the doors.

Of course it got cold again today, but yesterday, once the sun came out and temperatures rose into the 60s, the show was extraordinary. I expect it will be again tomorrow, and any other warm, sunshiny day in the coming week.

This was in the Potomac Gorge, of course. I have no idea how long the flowering will last. Get out there soon. Details and pictures tomorrow or Monday, as soon as I have time.

Potomac Gorge Update


round-lobed hepatica
Anemone americana
(formerly Hepatica nobilis var obtusa)


Yesterday was so lovely, I had to take a break from writing about Death Valley wildflowers and go hike the Billy Goat B trail. It’s the season for ephemerals, the delicate-leaved, dainty-flowered, low-growing plants that will completely disappear for the year in two months (or less).

Seen on Thursday, March 24:



And five turtles on a log in the canal




This should be the first great weekend for wildflower viewing in the gorge.